7 Principles to the Secrets of Life

The Hermetic Philosophy of Ancient Egypt and Greece

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Let me get one thing clear from the start. I am no expert on this. I am learning, a total beginner on all things to do with hermetic law and its universal principles. But a good way of finding out about something, or gaining greater depth of perspective on an issue, is to write about it. So I come to this as a student, writing down my thoughts and interpretations as I do my research. And it will just be scratching the surface. A mere glimpse into the seven principles of hermeticism. I would suggest anyone who is interested after reading this to do some further reading. I hope this will act as a springboard for some readers to dive deeper into this subject. Then comes the hard bit. Take what you have read, what you have learnt, and put it into the actions of your daily life. Put the theory into practice, absorb the principles so they become part of who you are in everyday life, and I’ll be joining you somewhere along the way

Hermeticism is the doctrine of universal divine laws from the ancient world, based on the work of Hermes Trismegistos. a philosopher and teacher, who is also known as the Egyptian god, Thoth.The Hermetic Universal Laws said to be revealed by him have been written in a book of 1908 called The Kybalion, written by William Walter Atkinson. In this book a total of seven cosmic laws in which to live your life are revealed and explained.

  1. The Principle of Mentalism.
    This can also be described as the principle of spirituality. This embodies the truth that

All is mind. Mind creates matter.

All we perceive with our senses, all the material universe, is part of Spirit. Everything exists in the mind. All the universe, all the phenomenal world is a mental creation of The All. It is the power and strength of our spirit that can change the world and achieve everything.

And everything is made up of molecules and atoms. 99.999 percent of atoms consists of nothing, mass-empty space. It is a space that acts as a possibility, that is full of energy and information. According to quantum physics, it is in this space, this nothing, where information is transformed into matter. The energy in this space, this possibility, is waiting…




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