And how I was transformed

I was sixteen, miles away from my Home Counties, and a voluntary worker living in Lozells Road, Handsworth, This was the hard edged side of Birmingham, a few years before the riots, full of pimps, prostitutes and drug pushers.

I was just a kid amongst the group of guys I…

A life changing album along with Made in Japan

This was another album that came along when the world was still young and all was possible. Machine Head can’t really be spoken about without a mention to the double live album, the mighty Made in Japan, that featured many of the tracks from this studio album, and some from…

Alex goes to Mumbai in search of Death

Parvati had insisted. ‘If you are going as a tourist then you must arrive as one. Nandi will take you off the mountains but no further.’

‘But we only have seven days to save the Universe,’ Alex said. He silently repeated the words to himself. The line rang in his…

Albums that changed my life

The year was 1970 and only a band like Pink Floyd would release an album with no title or band name on the cover, just a photo of a fucking cow. That takes balls. This was before their big time. The chart topping Dark Side of the Moon with all…


Recently retired and completed MA in creative writing. Trying for the writer’s life with no more excuses about the day job.

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